Sunday, October 17, 2010

Facepalm Sunday:

I'll add my comments when I get back:

10 Reasons why Canada lost its bid for a Security Council seat.


  1. I'd say it was because of the doughnuts

  2. I'll add a few:

    We're not a haven for terrorists (Lebanon);

    When we are in cultural disputes, we don't hack and dismember those we disagree with (Bosnia);

    We don't murder 1.5 million Armenians, and then refuse to accept responsibility for it (Turkey);

    We don't look the other way when our civilian police are murdering and raping our citizens and then cover it up (Brazil);

    We don't allow our police to carry out extra-judicial executions, killing people witout any due process whatsoever (Nigeria);

    We don't encourage abuse and rape of women by refusing to prosecute those who commit these crimes (Gabon);

    We don't murder more of our own citizens every year than any other country on earth (China);

    If this is what it takes to get on the Security Counsel, well, maybe we're better off just not asking to "join the club".

  3. @ Rob H.
    Yes, we should totally be isolationists, and snub the preeminent international organization.
    What a brilliant way to maintain close ties to the world's most powerful countries and have a voice on the world stage.

    Really, using the faults (and in some cases, crimes) of other countries with seats on the Security Council is just a diversionary tactic, to obscure the fact that not getting a seat is a black mark for Canada.

    The reasoning behind your argument makes no sense. United States has done some pretty f*cked up things too, should we cut diplomatic ties with them?

    Not to mention, Canada isn't exactly as pure as the driven snow either. We have a very bad history where First Nations are concerned, for example. Far from being too good for the likes of the Security Council, we would fit right in.